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The MAT™ Mental Gym is an online mental training program for youth basketball players. Strengthen concentration, build confidence and develop a positive mindset.

Mental toughness and resilience are skills that can be learned. The Mental Gym from Mindful Attention Training (MAT™) gives you the essential information in a series of carefully designed mental workouts to increase your mental strength and fitness.

The MAT™ Mental Gym is a tool for players and the coaches of youth players, grounded in the latest research. It is a collaboration between MAT™ Mindful Attention Training and Skyplay Basketball Academy, gathering resources from many years of on - and off court experience.

Each unit is straightforward and engaging with key information, easy to remember tips, and visual and audio guides to help with your preparation for your game.

Using the techniques of mindful attention, you can develop the positive focus, self-belief and competitive edge that underpin the success of athletes worldwide.

Be more in control of your game when the pressure is on. Gain a greater understanding of the challenges that arise in your sport.

The MAT™ Mental Gym will take you step-by-step through a program of exercises and tools to help you rebound from obstacles and dive into new challenges.

Check out the program details for the MAT™ Mental Gym under the About tab. There is also a Motivate page with videos and a Blog with extra mental training tips.

Commit to achieving your personal best. Sign Up for the MAT™ Mental Gym. Be a leader both on and off the court.


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“We can all learn from the value of the inner game and the mental tools that allow us to be our very best”

Michael Gervais


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